Success Stories

Mukit Miah….

“I’ve achieved £12,000 in 1 month from my first campaign.”


“I have been running the business for a few months on a part time basis and have already generated £6000.”


“The promises that were made to me before I joined have stacked up.”


“I have been learning from the trading experts for just over a year and have been live trading for about 4 to 5 months. In that time I’ve actually had quite a bit of success. I’ve found the support great and my account is up 200 per cent since I have started.”


“I have experienced a lot of bootcamps and watched numerous DVD’s. The training by these guys is so very different. They give you a great lot of lesson notes, 1:1 training followed up by webinars. But the personal support is the biggest thing that I find.You can ring up and you get an immediate answer. And then after all that training the system actually works.And when the penny drops and you start actually making money from it, it just feels like magic!”


“My confidence and self esteem has greatly improved since I started learning about currency trading with you. My friends have commented saying that I look different as if a light has been turned on. It’s true, I have been out of work for 15 years due to RSI and was told that I was a liability by a JET (Job and Education Training) officer – from Centre link – no less. Well I can do something, I love trading and can do it at my pace when I want. I am having great success. Thanks again – Love the webinars! ”


“It is awesome to be around like minded people and be inspired to do well. I have been very happy with the quality of the training and the overall philosophy of the organisation. The support I have received has been fantastic and I’m looking forward to opening a live account as soon as I get home from this live event. ”


“Thanks for the info on last night especially on the option on how to determine daily movements of currencies – not doing too bad with it so far, can pick direction with 3 out of 4 days just learning how to work out the number of pips. The ones that go in both directions on the same day are tricky hey! Thank goodness I picked the right direction first and closed out before it went the other way. Must mean your training is really work. Catch you tomorrow night. ”


“I was looking for a system to make money that didn’t require me to rely on other people.Most of my life I had relied on others and I hadn’t got to where I wanted to be. I find the trading experts to be passionate and genuine. Yes there is a lot of rules to learn and yes it is quite a bit of learning, however nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without work. I genuinely believe that providing you are prepared to do the work, you stick to the rules you can’t not be successful.”

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